Today is a memorable day. It’s the day you set out on a journey to improve your mental, emotional, and relational health. And you’re open to the possibility of therapy being part of your journey. Sometimes it’s hard to know – is it better to bury our struggles more deeply or share them with everyone, in hopes that someone will get it?? What you do know is that you want to solve the yuck that feels unsolvable.


I get it. I’ve been there with myself, my relationships, my kids, my work. It is what has fueled me to now be here for you. To have your best life is not one of perfection and having nothing happen. It’s one of navigating the ups and downs of what does happen, finding curiosity and courage to live true to yourself and in harmony with others. 

The world can pull the rug out from under us and give us more than we think we can handle. In reality, it’s just that we don’t YET have the ability to handle it. Sometimes we need help; we need to learn. That’s why you’re here. That’s why I’m here. Let me come alongside you. Together we’ll create space to explore and understand yourself and your world in a way that empowers change.


You are more than symptoms and diagnoses and the distress they can cause. Together we’ll get to the roots that keep you stuck – whether individually or as a family – to wholeheartedly find your Rhythm for Living.

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Individual Therapy

Working one-on-one with Shelly, you will go beneath the surface of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to understand the energy source in the body that holds you stuck in unhealthy coping and unwellness. By integrating polyvagal science and somatic interventions, we can release held trauma that is showing up as anxiety, depression (uni- or bipolar), hypervigilance/PTSD, thinking disorder, mood/emotion dysregulation, or chronic pain for sustainable post-traumatic growth. 




Failure to launch as well as adolescent depression and anxiety are rooted in family dynamics - the interconnectedness of nervous systems wired for protection and connection.  This is not to blame parents, rather to empower them to engage in the solutions.  As parents grow and develop the rhythm of their inner systems alongside their children, everyone benefits, and results are sustainable.

Similarly, marital conflict, avoidance, power struggles of intimacy and sex, or empty nesting boredom highlight asynchronicity.  Let's shift your rhythm for living to empower growth.

Therapy Enhancement

Perhaps you have a strong relationship with your current therapist. Yet you find you routinely slip back into old patterns after a lot of work to change. Shelly will collaborate with your current provider to conduct bottom-up interventions such as somatic EMDR and/or the Safe and Sound Protocol auditory intervention to potentially enhance therapeutic outcomes of talk therapy alone. Most likely candidates are adolescents or adults who experience PTSD, mood dysregulation, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or are recently sober from an addiction recovery program.

Providing EMDR & SSP via Teletherapy

Establish your new rhythm for living now. Why wait?!

The first to bring the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to the Twin Cities area for trauma and mental health applications

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a non-invasive auditory intervention showing significant results in as little as five days in the following areas:

  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges

  • Depression and disconnection

  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory and sensory sensitivities

  • Inattention and brain fog

  • Chronic pain

I offer a complimentary initial phone consultation.

Get in a Rhythm

with Shelly

M.S., M.A., LMFT

I believe in you.  I believe in your inherent goodness, your undiscovered greatness, and the infinite possibilities. I believe in your hurts, your pain, and the challenges that have come with life.   The goodness and the challenges are the rhythm of life.  When we honor this natural rhythm within us, we can experience living in a rhythm with those around us.

I believe you deserve an approach to restoration and growth that synchronizes with you.  To facilitate this, I integrate top-down and body-up interventions connecting physiology, emotions, thinking, and relating to empower your natural rhythm of living.

Our journey will include space to restore healthy sense of self and to grow through the good and the bad, individually and with those who matter most.  The healthy rhythms you crave and deserve can be experienced every day.


"By balancing our needs for connection and protection, we can experience life to the fullest."


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Rhythm for Living is a fee for service practice

(accepting HSA, credit card, cash, or check)

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