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Neural Therapy

The majority of therapists and counselors focus on behavior-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy that uses thoughts and emotions as the conduit to changing behaviors. Some people experience marginal success with these approaches because of trauma held in the body which can get in the way of having the clear thinking required to use a new skill. The nervous system gets flooded and the energy of reactivity and impulse hijacks the best intentions. 

By completing the Portal to Transformation with Shelly, you can shift your trajectory of learning and growth in behavior-based therapy. With the inclusion of passive auditory programs such as the Safe and Sound Pathways, we restore a felt sense of safety to reduce the hijacking by wounded parts as they heal in the nervous system. Similarly, Shelly has worked with clients to complete EMDR as a complement to the talk therapy being done with a primary provider. Contact Shelly or talk with your therapist to get started.


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