The Purpose

At the same time that society has deemed a 'mental health epidemic', outcomes of an over-stressed care system remain questionable.

It's time for a scientifically informed paradigm shift:

You're not broken nor do you need fixing.


You deserve understanding of how your bodymind works to protect you and how it can falter.  You deserve compassionate support through your transformation to restore the natural rhythm for truly living.

With a mind for science and heart for people, I have a passion for bringing innovation that better solves the challenges we face in mental and emotional healthcare.  In searching for better solutions for relational and developmental trauma, I became empassioned by the use of integrative body-mind approaches.  Not only are they nonjudgmental and empowering, they work and bring sustainable outcomes!

I am grateful for skills acquired in an earlier career, along with insatiable curiosity to help others solve the problems that matter most.  This keeps me forever searching for deep understanding and simple solutions that support the pace that clients are ready to go.  It's this unique blend of making sense of scientific research, designing transformational experiences, and holding relational space that brings out empowerment of your best you in your lived context and restores the natural rhythm for true living.


As behavior-based ('top down') mental health goes mainstream, there is a leading edge of methodology identifying that 'body up' understanding and approaches can more quickly and less painfully not only provide restoration from traumata but also growth from which life is lived anew.  This approach drops the labels of 'disorders' and embraces the reality that we are all on a unique journey of living that is shaped by the rhythms within and between us.


I am committed to staying on top of body-mind (psychophysiology) research developments to understand and evolve therapy experiences to work best for you and deliver broad results by addressing root causes rather than putting band Aid on symptoms.


As insurance and medical model treatment of mental health get more complicated for clients and unreliable for providers, I am committed to bringing a simple, values-based fee-for-service model of care without bureaucracy and systemic stuckness so you may experience innovative, demonstrated solutions to get you onward and living life!


Regardless of if you work with me individually, as a couple, or as a family, you can expect one constant - I will meet you where you are, model healthy dynamics in our relationship, and bring you the best service I can.  Whatever the context, we are always human, always being.  Let us restore the natural rhythm for true living and be growing, together.

We are now the first to bring the Safe and Sound Protocol to the area for trauma and mental health applications.

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a non-invasive auditory intervention showing significant results in as little as five hours of listening in the following areas:

  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges

  • Depression and disconnection

  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory and sensory sensitivities

  • Inattention and brain fog

  • Chronic pain

Meet Shelly

Mind for Science.  Heart for People.

Gradient Ocean


  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

  • DBT and (somatic-focused) EMDR trained

  • Safe and Sound Protocol Certified Facilitator & Mosaic of Healing trained

  • Masters of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy, Bethel University

  • Masters of Science in Statistics, Iowa State University

  • Certified Administrator: Prepare/Enrich, MBTI, FIRO-B, and various other assessments

  • Guru of collaborative problem-solving


Phone: 612-518-5682

Rhythm for Living is a fee for service practice

(accepting HSA, credit card, cash, or check)

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