Individual Therapy

As we begin our work together, we’ll identify the day to day experiences that you’d like to change. These may be in your interactions with others or more focused on how you are internally feeling distressed or discomfort. Regardless of the nature of the desired change, you’ll learn how our current patterns provide a protective feature in your existence – at some time in your past they were socially learned as a means of regulating your system. They kept you from going off the rails into an overwhelmed state or collapsing in on yourself. The brain and body are interconnected in endless loops of internal communication and regulation. 

Later in life, our context changes (different people, different responsibilities), and those old patterns now have unintended consequences in our relationships and overall wellbeing. By getting to the root, we can loosen the grip. We can recognize the energy source behind reactivity, impulsivity, and urges allowing us to separate them from the emotional information that is the guidance system to your best life. 

In therapy to restore and attain post-trauma growth, Shelly works with relational and developmental trauma from younger years as well as medical trauma from birth, surgeries, or other medical interventions. The Safe and Sound Protocol as well as somatic EMDR allows held trauma in the body to be released without repetitive talking and reliving of the trauma. These neural-based techniques can reduce the client’s need for pharmacological treatments. 

These treatments are appropriate for Mood Disorders such as Anxiety and Depression (Uni and Bipolar), Thinking Disorders such as OCD, Elimination and Eating Disorder, PTSD, and other trauma including sexuality trauma) as well as physiological issues such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions.

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