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Understand Mental Health in a New Way

Understand Mental Health in a New Way

Transform your experience of living

Individual Therapy

Working one-on-one with Shelly, you will go beneath the surface of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to understand the energy source in the body that holds you stuck in unhealthy coping and unwellness. By integrating polyvagal science and somatic interventions, we can release held trauma that is showing up as anxiety, depression (uni- or bipolar), hypervigilance/PTSD, thinking disorder, mood/emotion dysregulation, or chronic pain for sustainable post-traumatic growth. 




Failure to launch as well as adolescent depression and anxiety are rooted in family dynamics - the interconnectedness of nervous systems wired for protection and connection.  This is not to blame parents, rather to empower them to engage in the solutions.  As parents grow and develop the rhythm of their inner systems alongside their children, everyone benefits, and results are sustainable.

Similarly, marital conflict, avoidance, power struggles of intimacy and sex, or empty nesting boredom highlight asynchronicity.  Let's shift your rhythm empowering growth for truly living.

Therapy Enhancement

Perhaps you have a strong relationship with your current therapist. Yet you find you routinely slip back into old patterns after a lot of work to change. Shelly will collaborate with your current provider to conduct bottom-up interventions such as somatic EMDR and/or the Safe and Sound Protocol auditory intervention to potentially enhance therapeutic outcomes of talk therapy alone. Most likely candidates are adolescents or adults who experience PTSD, mood dysregulation, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or are recently sober from an addiction recovery program.


What to expect at your visit:

As conventional talk therapy becomes mainstream, we are also learning about its limitations for creating change that sticks.
The deep hold of trauma in the body, within the nervous system, can make it impossible to use new skills when they are needed the most.
Rhythm for Living brings scientifically grounded body-mind approaches that go beyond behaviors to the roots of the energy beneath reactivity, impulsivity, and urges.  We use technology-enabled tools that give an external view to the feelings on the inside that can be impossible to describe.
This allows reset, restoration, and resolution to
  • chronic stress, anxiety, anger, and depression without medication
  • adolescent behaviors labeled as defiant and disrespectful
  • failure to launch young adults
  • chronic pain (or body dissociation) related to physical and emotional trauma
  • unhealthy coping
  • dissatisfying relationships

"By balancing our needs for connection and protection, we can experience life to the fullest."








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