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Regardless if you are seeking change in life and/or work, Shelly's proprietary blend of neuropsych knowledge and creative problem-solving can guide you there.   The most common applications include:

  • Parents struggling with work/life balance (work away from home at at home)

  • Parents who desire presence and attunement with each other and their kids to nurture emotional, mental, and relational wellness.

  • Performance athletes who have hit a limit with physical training

  • Leaders straddling increased uncertainties in decision making and growing complexity in trying to get things done.

  • Anyone desiring to do pandemic life with less stress.


Maybe you're intrigued but aren't sure the basis for your current unrest.  Get started by completing a Wheel of Life Wellbeing Check-Up with Shelly (4 30-minute sessions + assessments)

Self Leadership for a Workplace of Inclusion & Belonging

Tired of the same old skills-based approach to leadership development? Shelly works with executives who want to evolve their leadership from the inside out. Her proprietary blend of techniques integrates wisdom from decades of corporate consulting for strategic decision making and organizational effectiveness along with more recent perspective in interpersonal neurobiology and human systems will position you to uniquely lead. The focus on the present keeps you safely away from the depth of experience provided in therapy.  Similarly, it avoids cookie-cutter skills of performance-based coaching that encourages uniformity in the future pipeline of executives, falling short of the needs of the complex workplace.  Find your confidence, courage, and compassion to fully show up when it matters most.

Rhythm For Leading is a neuropsychological coaching model with an emphasis on how leaders are as a predeterminant to what leaders do. Based on a physio psychological model of developing leaders from the inside out, it encompasses both individual (awareness, regulation, mutuality) and dyadic (presence, authenticity, attunement, acceptance) elements of growth. Leaders who maintain a healthy inner rhythm provide a safe environment for diverse perspectives to not only coexist but flourish for benefits in productivity, innovation, and morale. They are able to hold multiple points of view to subsequently integrate them into decisions and actions. 

The approach integrates principles and tools from Attachment Science, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Polyvagal Science, Cybernetics, and Systems Theory that address the root factors underlying fundamental human needs for protection and connection across all domains of life including work. 

Rhythm for Leading can be experienced as an individual journey or as a leadership team for accelerated growth. The individual journey is a 1-1 therapeutic coaching journey rich with personalized psychoeducation and application of the principles in context. When approached as a team, psychoeducation is presented as a group with individual exercises. In both situations, understanding and monitoring of the self as a leader precedes interactive components. Duration depends on the client’s intention and pace of growth. 

Principles learned within Rhythm For Leading are experienced in the facilitator/theracoach relationship. Theracoaching represents a middle ground of integrating coaching and therapeutic techniques with an orientation focused on the present. In contrast, coaching has a primary orientation of creating the future and therapy, restoring from the past. 

Foundational Principles include: 

  • Compassion not judgment

  • Curiosity not criticism

  • Giving and receiving

  • Fostering relationships (common understanding of perspectives) is the priority, not being right.

  • Decision making is separate from understanding and relating.

  • Leaders don’t have to be ‘right’ to make a decision; they have to be informed and own the risk/responsibility without expecting perfection. 

Impact in the workplace happens at varying levels. The earliest indicator of change comes from with leaders understanding and application of resonance and regulation in the context of dynamics. A subjective assessment allows measurement outward, extending to culture-wide impact anticipated months from initial leader changes. 

Rhythm For Leading provides a foundation for sustainable culture change. Leaders go first on providing a safe space for security and belonging to evolve. Leadership evolution will, without additional effort, reshape culture. To create change in employee experiences, leaders go first: Feel safe to invite engagement; Create a safe space for others; Others feel safe to engage. Over time, the loop closes, and reciprocity develops that strengthens outcomes. 

Rhythm for Leading starts with the premise that facing change is physiologically scary for most people and is individualized, based on their lived experiences. Once participants understand the intrapersonal system sparking fear, they are free to work through it rather than deny it. The first step in finding safeness to lead with confidence, courange, and compassion.

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