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Couples Therapy

Two people can enter a partnered relationship mistaking ‘chemistry’ for the familiarity of a codependent/narcissist dance of the nervous systems. They initially feel at ease in the pattern of relying on the other for regulation, yet over time the system implodes on itself, resulting in cut-off or high conflict. 

When couples work with Shelly, they learn to effectively flow between self and coregulation for healthy dynamics for physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy which are all interconnected with the body-brain energy and engagement system. The Portal to Transformation is a powerful intervention for couples looking to step-change their relationship, enhancing their individual growth as well as resetting the base functioning of their relationship. 

Common launch points for couples therapy: conflict that is distressing to the kids (or each other), avoidance, power struggles, good/bad parent triangle with kids, empty nesting boredom, completion of chemical dependency by one/both partners, infidelity.

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